Roger “Cappy” Mason is a 2022 recipient of the Jerry Van Dyke Award, given in recognition of
outstanding individual contributions to Colorado Motorsports. Cappy’s long career has
included countless examples of such outstanding contributions.

His first race cars were “Three Quarter Midgets”, including a homemade special with a Crosley
engine and roll cage made from gas pipe. He completely rebuilt it to race at Spring Creek
Speedway, the local dirt track. Cappy was part of the TQ racing club that did everything for the
track: advertising and concessions, track prep, bleacher construction, and his wife, Sherry, did
scorekeeping. It was all important to Cappy–rebuild the car, make the track better, help the
club, improve whatever needs work.

Cappy and Sherry moved from Illinois to Colorado, and he raced “full sized midgets” with the
Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association for the next 20 years. He became an integral part of
the club as a driver, and served as club president for several terms.

Cappy suffered a devastating setback in 2009 when he was diagnosed with ALS. He had already
transitioned from race driver to car owner, and helped advance the career of many drivers by
giving them first class rides, in spite of his substantial health issues. One of those drivers was his
son, Andy, who promptly won the RMMRA Rookie of the Year award. Others who have teamed
with Cappy include Mike Manzanares, Jay Sant, Butch Middleton, Greg Schaefer, multi-time
champions Keith Rauch and Chris Sheil, and most recently, Lance Bennet.

Cappy raced at more than 50 tracks across the country as a driver or owner. He has said:
“During my racing career, I seldom had any sponsorship. Expenses have come out of our
personal finances. I was always concerned about car count at a race and I spent some of my
own money to help others get their cars on the track. I sold a car to a friend and then cleaned
out the garage of additional parts he could use on the car or sell. Now that I think of it, I gave
away three engines, too. It makes me feel good to help other racers”.

Cappy Mason’s career reflects the spirit of the Van Dyke Award. He has been willing to step up
and contribute to the improvement and well-being of the racing community repeatedly over his
nearly 50 year career. We are honored to induct him into the Colorado Motorsports Hall of
Fame, class of 2022.