Bill Yalotz has been involved with racing and race cars for over 65 years. When asked when he is going
to stop racing Bill usually replies, “Driving race cars is my true passion but when I grow up or get old, I’ll
probably quit.”

Bill began racing at age 17 and won his first race at the old Pueblo Speedway that year. He went on to
purchase a Sprint Car in 1964 that he raced as “the Eight-Ball” in Big Car Racing Association events
throughout the region. Over the years Bill has built, maintained and driven many different types of race
cars to great success, but he was at his best when he was wheeling a Late Model stock car on southern
Colorado tracks.

In the early 1970’s Bill raced in the Late Model “Super Stock” division at Beacon Hill Speedway. It was a
golden age for the class, when week after week, closely contested main events were most often won by
Bill or a select few other drivers. Bill finished “top five” in points seven times during those years, but
took the championship in 1972 with a record of 7 main event wins, as well as the most quick times and
trophy dashes. Throughout that era, Beacon Hill was his “home track”, but Bill also competed at Roy
Sportsman’s Raceway Park, Pikes Peak Speedway and Colorado Springs International Speedway.

Bill stepped up the quality of his equipment to compete in races like the Copper World Classic and other
“Big Money” events throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, and when Pike Peak International Raceway opened
in 1998, he had a Super Speedway in his own backyard. Bill closed out his stock car career against some
of the country’s best Late Model drivers at PPIR and tracks throughout the western U.S. Bill’s best finish
at P.P.I.R was in his last race there, held on Memorial Day 2009, when he was 68 years old.

In recent years, Bill has returned to his racing roots, participating in Colorado and Kansas vintage racing
events in a Sprint Car he and some of his friends restored. Roger Burnett, Kansas Antique Racers Board
Member and racing historian was quoted as saying:

“Motorsports Legend and Kansas Antique Racers Member Bill Yalotz has been honing his skill as a
topflight Racer for over 60 years. At age 81, Bill is still lighting fast and considers second place nothing
but first loser. Bill Yalotz certainly raises the bar for the KAR, and he is a very nice fellow too.”

Bill Yalotz has been a fierce competitor, and has raced with great sportsmanship throughout his long
career. We are now proud to welcome Bill Yalotz into the Colorado Motorsports Hall of Fame!