Stacey Cook’s excellence in motocross racing had humble beginnings.  His dad, who was a flat-track racer, bought him a 60CC mini bike, and riding the little machine in desert races near his Grand Junction home set the stage for racing success worthy of Hall of Fame recognition.  As a youngster, Stacey would dream of being on the track against legends of motorcycle racing while he met with his mentor Rollie Cate at 6:00 AM to practice for an hour before school.  His exceptional drive to compete was clearly evident!

Stacey began winning races on a regular basis at Thunder Valley, a local track, then moved to regional competition, earning 10 Motocross and Supercross Championships, as well as three Rider of the Year Awards with the Sports Riders Association of Colorado.  His success in regional competition led to participation in American Motorcyclist Association National Series events. Stacey, his brothers Randy and Darren, and best friend Charles Pruitt were on the road for two seasons of running the complete national schedule against fully-funded factory teams, racing on a shoe string budget and living in a van to travel from event to event.  He scored several top ten finishes and an 11th place in the 1988 national standings, the highest ranking of a private entry and one of the most prized accomplishments of Stacey’s career.

After 15 years of active competition, Stacey started Extreme Promotions to promote and stage Motocross events in Grand Junction.  The Cook family, with Stacey at the helm, also built Grand Junction Motor Speedway and developed it into one of the premier Go-Kart and Motocross facilities in the country, hosting a number of world-class Karting events and the AMA Moto Nationals. The family has also been supporting another budding career, as daughter Sabre become an accomplished auto racer and is the only American to qualify and race in the European Formula 3 “W” series.

After years at the highest levels of competition, Stacey looks back on his accomplishments with pride and the knowledge that he wasn’t in it alone.   His family, who supported his racing over the years, along with close friends that helped him along the way and an array of valued sponsors are all heroes in Stacey’s story, as are legendary Colorado riders who preceded him in the sport and are still inspirations for him today.  From his early days at Thunder Valley to racing in front of 80,000 people in Anaheim Stadium, Stacey’s “ride” has been truly exceptional!

Tonight, we are proud to recognize Stacy Cook’s outstanding career with his induction into the Colorado Motorsports Hall of Fame.