Most organizations have a “behind the scenes” individual who does the hard work. For the Sports Riders Association of Colorado motocross racing club, Doris Reimer was that person. She is an exceptional example of someone who made it possible for others to do what they love.

Her motorcycle racing experience began when she met her husband, Jim Reimer a little over fifty years ago. Within a short time of meeting Jim, Doris owned and rode her own bike.  When the couple married and started a family, motorcycles and racing became a central activity shared by everyone. Jim and Doris were instrumental in the formation of the Lakewood Sports Cycle Club in 1975, followed by its transition to the Sports Riders Association of Colorado. Doris became the club’s Secretary Treasurer for the next 26 years.

Her title only hints at small fraction of her responsibilities within the club. Racing season began with event planning in February and ended with the club’s final races in October. Race days began at 5:00 AM in order for her to be in place when competitors arrived and ended when the results were tabulated, often well after the sun went down.  Doris oversaw everything from registration to scoring races by hand until computer assistance arrived in the early 2000’s. In addition, trophy presentations, club banquets, and other social events also required her guiding hand in the off season.  Doris placed club events ahead of anything that might also have occurred on race weekends.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day celebrations, all were traded for the love of the sport, her own family’s racing triumphs, and the joy in seeing SRAC riders move on to national competition.

Doris was able to watch her own family ride to success over the years, including her son James coming up through the professional ranks, and her husband Jim being one of the first “super seniors” over the age of 50 to race.  Doris can still be seen at the track these days, enjoying the competition and lending an occasional hand with a local race event.

Looking back, Doris says everything she did was for the SRAC riders and her love of motocross racing. Those who were involved with the club over the years agree that everything the SRAC accomplished as an organization would simply have been impossible without her remarkable dedication and endless hours of hard work.

For this willingness to go above and beyond year after year, as well as exceptional dedication to motorcycle racing, we now are pleased to induct Doris Reimer into the Colorado Motorsports Hall of Fame.