When asked about the start of his racing career, Shannon Moham tells this story: “My interest
in motorcycles began back when I received my first dirt bike on Christmas morning at the age of
ten. Never been on one before, but watched riders all the time, so I was sure I could be a star!
Jumped on it and took off, right through my neighbor’s garage door. But when I look back on it,
I could only get better, so not a bad start”.

Shannon has most certainly “gotten better”. His career road racing statistics are startling! He
has rode his way to more than 435 race victories and 650 podium finishes on the way to a
phenomenal 100 series or track championships. He also has set more than 100 class track
qualifying records, many of which broke marks he had previous set. Shannon was Miller
Motorsports Park Sportsman of the Year in 2008 and has won 9 MRA Race of the Rockies GTU
and 10 Clubman Championships.

He has said: “ I have so many memories of racing. From epic battles and big crashes, to all the
drama associated with running up front for so long. I do remember racing a National Race, at Miller
Motorsports Park. I was passed on the last turn of the last lap by a young kid who is now in MotoGP.
I was probably 30 at the time, and he walked up to me after the race and told me I was pretty fast for
an old guy”. My best memories, however, come from my kids, and the fact that they tell everyone,
“My dad either wins or comes back on the crash cart”.

Shannon has followed a belief that you only continue to grow if you work hard, play hard, and take
chances. He graduated with distinction from the US Air Force Academy, served his country in combat,
and includes serving as a rider representative on the MRA Board of directors for ten years as an
important career accomplishment. He is quick to cite an impressive array of sponsors, as well as his
wife, Segren and daughters Denver and Dakota for the inspiration they have given him as he raced his
way into the record books.

We are proud to accept Shannon Moham, our youngest inductee to this date, into the Colorado
Motorsports Hall of Fame, Class of 2022.