Kent Moore attended a race at Englewood speedway in 1962, encouraged by his wife, Sharon. He
noticed a few guys he knew working on race cars, and immediately wanted to be part of the racing
action. He reconnected with Jim Beckley that night, and became part of the pit crew for his #35
modified. Kent also worked on a few other cars, but when Englewood Speedway opened a Figure-8
division in 1964, he formed a partnership with Omar Holz where they built a car and took turns driving in
the weekly shows.

Kent relinquished the driving role when Sharon gave birth to their first child, but continued to build
successful race cars. Gregg Higgins approached Kent about constructing a Figure-8 car for him to drive
in 1967, and the duo finished in the top ten in points in each of the next two years. Kent owned a two
car team in 1970, consisting of cars driven by Higgins and Pete Brandenburg. Maintaining a two-car
team for top drivers in the rough and tumble Figure-8 division would be a monumental undertaking for
anyone. Kent was up to the task, as Higgins scored Championships in both Arapahoe Racing Association
and Englewood Racing Association competition.

The team went on to win the 1971 Englewood title as well, then headed to Islip, New York and World
Figure-8 Championships, where they finished 10 th against the best Figure-8 drivers in the nation. The
team had a new driver in Jack Voorhees for the 1972 and 73 seasons, and scored two Englewood track
titles, plus a 5 th place finish at the World Championships. It was an amazing run of six track
championships, including five consecutive titles, all based on Kent’s well-built cars and the teamwork he

Kent would like to be remembered for the racing success his teams enjoyed, for building top of the line
racing operations, and for never missing a race during his career. His influence in the sport continues to
this day through the safety equipment designs he created, many of which are still incorporated into
contemporary cars, as well as in the presence of nieces and nephews who are carrying the family racing
tradition into the future.

For his extensive contributions to the racing community and undeniably successful Figure-8 career, we
proudly accept induct Kent Moore into the Colorado Motorsports Hall of Fame as part of the Class of