Jack Graham was riding a wave of success in 1975. He scored his third consecutive CARC Modified
Championship that year, driving the best car in the division—John Pachello’s #19 Coupe—while beating
some of the best drivers in the region to win the title.

Jack began his career racing at Englewood Speedway and other regional tracks before coming to
Lakeside Speedway in 1963 to compete in the modified division of the Colorado Auto Racing Club. He
had driven a number of cars in several classes over the years as he honed his skills and learned the tricks
needed to win on a regular basis. He began winning trophy dashes and heat races in the modifieds
frequently. Fans in the stands and those who raced against Jack witnessed his ability to take a
substandard or poorly performing car to the front of the pack, as well as his knack for driving in the very
close quarters of the tight Lakeside 1/5 th mile oval. He seemed to be able to put a car into spaces that
didn’t exist a split second ago, and was well known for daring runs on the outside of the pack to go
three-wide in places that seemed impossible to even consider. Like all racers who live close to the
edge, Jack certainly had his share of scrapes and crashes as well while setting the stage for the
remarkable run of track titles.

He was not able to beat one foe, however, as a heart attack led to open heart surgery after his 1975
title. Even though he was on a championship roll, Jack was unable to continue his driving career
afterwards, robbing the fans of seeing just how many more titles were in the cards for Jack and the
remarkable #19 team. He passed away 1987, but left us with so many lasting memories from an
unforgettable era of Lakeside competition.

Jack built a legion of fans with his competitive skill and ability to drive anything, and made many friends
who loved his sense of humor and the collection of racer’s superstitions he followed during weekly
competition. Those who raced with him, served on his crew, or watched him work his magic on the
track still readily express loyalty and admiration for Jack decades after his passing, and his memory is
alive in the hearts of his racing family who have continued his legacy as well.

Tonight we are pleased to honor Jack Graham’s remarkable racing career with his 2022 induction into
the Colorado Motorsport Hall of Fame!